Westile Concrete Roofing Tile

Looking for discontinued Westile concrete roofing tile for a repair or an addition? We’ve got the largest selection of Westile concrete tile in the state.

When Westile discontinued it’s concrete roofing tile division in 2014, we acquired much of their remaining inventory.

As our inventory is constantly changing, please call 303-600-8696 for current availability and pricing or fill out the ‘contact us’ form.

Please note that much of our inventory is ‘new’ and has never been installed on a roof, therefore the replacement tiles may be more vibrant than the weathered tiles on your roof.


Series 1000 Smooth Slate

Complete List of Westile Slate 1000 Colors

Please call or email to confirm avilability

Slate Burnt Quarried
Slate Rocky Mtn Gray
Slate Spruce Blue
Slate Arapahoe
Slate Autumn Woods
Slate Autumn Woods – Double Notch
Slate Barcelona
Slate Barcelona – Double Notch
Slate Base Camp
Slate Base Camp – Double Notch
Slate Belgard – Double Notch
Slate Fawn – Brushed
Slate Buckhorn
Slate Buckhorn – Double Notch
Slate Burnt Charcoal
Slate Burnt Charcoal – Double Notch
Slate Burnt Chestnut – Double Notch
Slate Burnt Oak
Slate Burnt Quarried – Double Notch
Slate Burnt Red
Slate Fawn – Double Notch
Slate Fossil Creek
Slate Gold Hill
Slate Gold Hill – Double Notch
Slate Gold Radcliff
Slate Gold Radcliff – Double Notch
Slate Harvest Row
Slate Lexington – Double Notch
Slate Plum
Slate Radcliff
Slate Radcliff – Double Notch
Slate Rocky Mtn Green – Double Notch
Slate Rocky Mtn Green
Slate Sandstone
Slate Shale Gray – Double Notch
Slate Victorian
Slate Weathered Wood PA

Shake Texture Field Tiles (Series 1000)

Shake Black Forest – Double Notch
Shake Black Walnut
Shake Black Walnut – Double Notch
Shake Burnt Cedar
Shake Burnt Cedar – Double Notch
Shake Burnt Cedar PA
Shake Burnt Oak
Shake Burnt Western
Shake Burnt Western – Double Notch
Shake Burnt Western PA
Shake Driftwood
Shake Fossil Creek
Shake Gold Radcliff
Shake Radcliff
Shake Weathered Wood – Double Notch


Rake Antique Verde
Rake Arapahoe/Caprock
Rake Barcelona
Rake Belgard/Greenstone
Rake Black Forest
Rake Burnt Cedar
Rake Charcoal
Rake Chestnut
Rake Classic Sunset
Rake Cliffside
Rake Fossil Creek
Rake Gold Radcliff
Rake Harvest Gold
Rake Harvest Row
Rake Lexington
Rake Merlot
Rake Plum
Rake Radcliff
Rake Renaissance
Rake Rocky Mtn Blue
Rake Rocky Mtn Green
Rake Sandstone
Rake Shake Burnt Oak
Rake SHAKE Quarried
Rake Shake Radcliff
Rake Shale Gray
Rake Slate Base Camp
Rake Slate Burnt Oak
Rake Slate Gold Hill
Rake Weathered Wood
Rake Western


Ridge Angled Hip and Ridge
Ridge Antique Verde
Ridge Arapahoe
Ridge Autumn Woods
Ridge Barcelona
Ridge Belgard
Ridge Black Walnut
Ridge Buckhorn
Ridge Burnt Cedar
Ridge Charcoal
Ridge Chestnut
Ridge Driftwood
Ridge Fawn
Ridge Fossil Creek
Ridge Harvest Row
Ridge Lexington
Ridge Merlot
Ridge Moss Green
Ridge Pinehurst
Ridge Plum
Ridge Renaissance
Ridge RockyMtnGrn
Ridge Sandstone
Ridge Shake Burnt Oak
Ridge Shake Gold Radcliff
Ridge SHAKE Quarried
Ridge Shake Radcliff
Ridge Shake Weathered Wood
Ridge Slate Burnt Oak
Ridge Slate Gold Hill
Ridge Spruce Blue
Ridge Western


Rolled Ridge Buckskin
Rolled Ridge Barcelona
Rolled Ridge Cliffside
Rolled Ridge Conifer
Rolled Ridge Fawn
Rolled Ridge Fossil Creek
Rolled Ridge Gold Radcliff
Rolled Ridge Greenstone
Rolled Ridge Harvest Gold
Rolled Ridge Plum
Rolled Ridge Radcliff